at the International Space Science Institute in Bern
2006-03-23 and 2006-03-24


The meeting attendees
Figure 1: The meeting attendees (original size)


Time Topic
14:00h Welcome and logistics (Bernd)
14:15h Status report project, institutes (all)
   Status EPHIN (Kiel)
   Status LION (Kekcemety)
14:45hData analysis, corrections, exchange of data
   1. Cross-correlation and fluctuation characteristics of the LION data
   2. Solar Particle Energy Spectra by Application of Regularization Methods (Heber on behalf of E. Böhm et al.)
15:30h Coffee break
16:00h Results:
   1. Electron burst seen by EPHIN (Klassen)
   2. Solar event studies
18:00h End of the meeting
19:00h Dinner at the Tramdepot?
The meeting attendees
Figure 2: The meeting attendees (original size)


Time Topic
9:00h Continuation of the previous day
   1. Remote sensing of CME shocks by low energy protons (Keksemety)
   2. Cosmic ray modulation, KET observations
   3. Jovian electrons, SOHO/KET observations (Heber)
10:30h Coffee Break
11:00h Definition of specific tasks for the SOHO workshop
12:30h Publications, next meeting (Soho workshop, 2006-07-10 celebration of 10 years SOHO, university Kiel)
13:00h Lunch and Adjourn


Javier Rodriques, Juan Sequeiros, Luis del Peral, Dolores, Karoly Keksemety, Peter Kiraly, Andreas Klassen, Bernd Heber

Action Items

  1. Kiel provides plots of housekeeping data on the web
  2. Hungary provides usefull LION channel
  3. Kiel and Hungary will provide EPHIN and LION data on the web together with a ploting package (EPHIN and LION), need of additional data from ACE (solar wind and magnetic fields), orbit attitude data
  4. Next meeting at the SOHO workshop, and in Kiel on the 2006-07-10