Internationales Heliophysikalisches Jahr 2007

The Sun, the Heliosphere, and the Earth
IHY conference to be held in Bad Honnef, Germany, May 14 - 18, 2007

Preliminary Program

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Magnetic Fields
Solar Activity
Heliosphere, Astrophysics
Influence on Earth
09:00 Intro  Hornig (UK): The Sun's Magnetic Field Vilmer(FRA): RHESSI Ferreira(SA): CRs in the Heliosphere  Krivova  (GER): Solar-Terrestrial Relations
09:30 Di Mauro (ITA): Helioseismology Li: magnetic flux around sunspots  Mann:Electron acceleration  Caballero-Lopez: ACR Modulation Vieira: solar influence on climate
09:50 Linker (USA): From Solar to Heliospheric Field Önel: Electron Acceleration Potgieter: Modulation in the Heliosheath Pagaran: parametr. of  solar UV-vis-SWIR var.
10:00 Peter (GER):  Solar Atmosphere
10:10 Struminsky: hard X-ray emission of flares Scherer: Interstellar ACRs         Vainio (FIN):       Space Weather
10:20 Coffee Break (10:20 – 10:50)
10:30 Coffee Break    (10:30 – 11:00) Coffee Break (10:30 – 11:00)
10:40         Coffee Break        (10:40 – 11:10)
10:50 Horbury (UK): Interplanetary Field
11:00 Vocks: Supra-thermal electrons  Miroshnichenko: Ground level enhancements Kiraly:  energetic particle data of both Voyagers
11:10 Svensmark (DEN): Interstellar-Terrestrial Relations
11:20 Bochsler (SWI): Solar Wind Burger: Heliospheric Magnetic Field Vashenyuk: Two largest GLE Sternal: IMF and CR Propagation 
11:40 Erdos: Sector structure and the magnetic flux     Cane(AUS):     Travelling shocks  Heber: Gradients of Galactic Cosmic Rays Fichtner: 22 year-period and CR s
11:50 Chashei: radio sounding
12:00 Droege:  Solar Energetic Particles Alania: 27-day Variations of the GCRs Veizer: The paleoclimate on  Earth
12:10 Wachowicz: Charge states of C,O,.. Müller-Mellin: CIR-related particle events
12:20 Perri: superdiffusive transport of electrons Bzowski (POL): ENA and PUI observations Shaviv: Long-term CR exposure of Earth
12:30 Macek: Multifractal solar wind Fisk (USA): Stochastic acceleration spectra
12:40 Kuznetsova: Solar Variability in the IMF  
12:50 Lunch Break       (12:50 – 14:30) Lunch Break  Lunch Break 
13:00         Lunch Break        (13:00 – 14:30) Lunch Break 
14:30 Marsch (GER) / Tu (CHI):    Kinetic SW Büchner (GER): Magnetic reconnection  Free Afternoon Mukai (JAP): Interplanetary Dust                 CIP                     (for that programme      see
15:00 Izmodenov (RUS): Heliosphere Zimbardo:  Magnetic turbulence  Strassmeier (GER): Solar-Stellar Connections
15:20 Verheest: accoustic solitons
15:30 Möbius: IBEX Neutral Atom Measurements Athanassiadou:  SN Interactions
15:40 Mursula: Long-term Geomagnetic Activity 
15:50 Coffee Break   (15:50 – 16:20)        Coffee Break        (15:50 – 16:20)
16:00          Coffee Break           (16:00 – 16:30)
16:20 Tarnopolski: D/H ratio Petry: High Energy Gamma-rays
16:30       Zank (USA):     MHD modelling  of the heliosphere
16:40 Czechowski: HSTOF ENA observations       Rettberg (GER):    Life in the Heliosphere
17:00 Veselovsky: Dimensionless scaling  Fahr:  ion transport over the termination shock
17:10 Thompson (USA):  IHY
17:20 Nickeler:ideal MHD around stagnation points
17:40 Frisch (USA): Local Interstellar Magnetic Field   
18:00 Dinner Poster-Viewing with “Grill-Abend” Dinner
18:10 Dinner
........ Dinner (19:00 – 20:00) 
19:30         Steinrücken (GER): The Sky Disc of Nebra (19:30 – 20:30)