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AG Wimmer-Schweingruber


Workshop to be held in Kiel, March 13-16, 2007

Directions to the physics centre (Physikzentrum, Leibnizstrasse 11, Kiel) from Hamburg airport

By Car
  1. Take the airport road towards autobahn A7 (there's only one road out of the airport)
  2. Follow the signs to A7
  3. After about 6 km you will reach A7. Stay in the left lane, take direction Kiel/Flensburg
  4. After about 60 km on A7, merge right onto A215 toward Kiel
  5. After about 20 km take exit B76/B503 toward Eckernförde/Olympiazentrum/Flughafen Kiel/Universität
  6. Follow the signs to Universität (see large map)
  7. After some turns you will see the main building of the university and a pointed church steeple ("Seelenabschussrampe" (soul launching pad)). Turn right onto Olshausenstrasse.
  8. Drive slowly (30 km/h) and past the swimming pool, etc., and follow the sign towards "Botanischer Garten".
  9. Turn right onto Leibnizstrasse (following sign to "Botanischer Garten"). The gate may be closed. Press the button and tell the guard you're here to visit Prof. Wimmer-Schweingruber or Prof. Heber.
  10. Drive straight ahead to the parking lot at the end of the road. The physics center is on the left-hand side of Leibnizstrasse. Leibnizstrasse 11 is the first building on your left once you have passed the library (a modern-looking building with a largish sign "Manche leuchten - wenn man sie liest" and big stairs infront of it.)
  11. Enter the main entrance which is located right across from the library and does not look very inviting. Once inside, turn right towards an even less inviting looking door that has a big 11 on it.
  12. That's it - you've reached Leibnizstrasse 11. Enter the door and take the elevator to whichever floor you want to go to. From now on, you're on your own... The first digit in the room number gives you the correct floor.

Figure 1: Arrival by car
Figure 1: Arrival by car

By Bus (Kielius) or "KielExxx"
  1. There is an excellent taxi-shuttle and a good bus connection between Kiel and Hamburg airport. Both depart in front of Terminal 1. Look for the sign "KielExxx" or "Kielius".
  2. The "Kielius"-bus leaves Hamburg airport about every hour on weekdays and every two hours Sundays, and takes about an hour and a half to get to Kiel. You should ask for a "Kombi-ticket" which includes a taxi ride from the bus station in Kiel to your hotel or to the institute. If you are staying at a hotel near the train station you will not need a "Kombi-ticket", as they are all in walking distance from the bus station. See www.kielius.de for more information. One way will cost you 18 Euro (22 Euro with Kombi-ticket).
  3. "KielExxx" leaves Hamburg every hour on weekdays as well (interleaved with Kielius, so you have some connection every half hour) at the same place as "Kielius". It takes about one hour to get to Kiel and brings you to your final destination. You may be asked to change into another taxi which will be free of charge. One way will cost you roughly 26 Euro.
Directions from the train station to the institute

Take bus number 82 in the direction "Botanischer Garten" and get out at "Botanischer Garten" (the last station) or, for the more experienced visitors, the second last one, "Universitätsbibliothek". Bus stations are marked with a green H in the map below. Bus tickets are about 2€ one way.

Figure 2: The Physikzentrum
Figure 2: The "Physikzentrum"

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