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www.ieap.uni-kiel.de/et/ag-wimmer/ | 18. 12. 2018

AG Wimmer-Schweingruber


Workshop to be held in Kiel, March 13-16, 2007

Draft Program

Monday, March 12:

EPHIN and SEPT team meeting

program tbd by instrument PIs

PLASTIC team meeting

(room 309 in Leibnizstr. 11)

09:30 Introduction (Galvin)
09:35 PLASTIC calibration issues (ground and in flight)
10:15 M. Popecki: PLASTIC IDPU S/W status
10:30 Solar wind bulk paramter determinations
11:00 coffee break
11:15 Composition

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Solar Soft/CDFread help session (L. Ellis)
jointly with SEPT team
15:00 Existing software tools (from all institutions)
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 WAP data: plans and actions
17:00 Action items
17:30 Adjourn

SEPT team meeting

(room 109 in Leibnizstr. 11)

12:30 Welcome and lunch

13:30 Solar Soft/CDFread help session (L. Ellis), together with PLASTIC
15:00 SEPT
15:00 Mission and Instrument status (Müller-Mellin)
15:05 Data set status in Univ. Kiel, Uni. Berkeley, and Caltech (Müller-Mellin)
15:15 Data Analysis Tools (Gomez)
15:30 Coffee break (room 309)
16:00 EPHIN
16:00 Mission and Instrument status (R. Müller-Mellin)
16:05 Data set status in Univ. Kiel and SOHO Archive (Klassen)
16:10 Data Analysis Tools (R. Gomez)
16:20 LION, Data set status and Tools (Kecskemety)
16:40 KET, Mission and Data set status (Heber) 17:00 Plans for scientific analysis (Gomez, Klassen, Müller-Mellin, Heber)
17:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, March 13:

08:30 Registration

09:00 Instrument Introductions/Overviews

09:00 R. F. Wimmer-Schweingruber: Welcome and Introduction
09:10 P.Bochsler: CELIAS Overview
09:20 A.B. Galvin: PLASTIC Overview
09:30 M. Popecki: PLASTIC operations status
09:40 L. Ellis: PLASTIC data analysis software (report from Monday splinter)
09:40 R. Müller-Mellin: SEPT Overview
09:50 R. Müller-Mellin: SEPT operations status
10:00 R. Müller-Mellin/R. Gomez-Herrero: SEPT data analysis software
10:10 B. Heber: KET
10:10 R. Müller-Mellin: EPHIN

10:30 coffee break

11:00 Science: Injection, Acceleration, Transport at suprathermal energies

11:00 B. Klecker: Injection, Acceleration, and Transport Signatures in Solar Energetic Particle Observations
11:30 M. Lee: Solar Energetic Particles - Injection, Acceleration, and Transport: Theory
12:00 W. Droege: Injection and Transport of Solar Energetic Particles

12:30 lunch
(tour of the institute for interested parties)

14:00 Calibration issues and Solar Wind Properties

13:45 H. Daudi: PLASTIC/SSD mean measured energy for non-channeled particles of light, medium, and heavy species: Experimental data and model
14:00 M. Popecki for K. Singer: SSD conversions (temperature dependence, thresholds, E calibration)
14:15 M. Koeten: ACE/SWICS Efficiency model
14:30 M. Stalder: The Kiel Suprathermal Ion Calibration Facility
14:45 L. Kistler: Solar wind proton moments and beacon data status
15:05 R. Karrer: Hydrogen and helium in the solar wind, first results from STEREO/PLASTIC
15:20 A. Opitz: Solar wind bulk propoerties from three-dimensional velocity distribution functions measured by STEREO/PLASTIC

15:35 coffee break

16:00 K. Simunac: Solar wind proton bulk parameters from Maxwellian fits and intercomparisons with SOHO/ACE/WIND
16:20 L. Berger: Heavy ion velocity distribution functions with ACE/SWICS
16:35 M. Popecki: PLASTIC flow angles (POS, DEFL) vs. E/Q (calibration vs. inflight)
16:55 L. Blush: Multi-spacecraft observations of solar wind reconnection exhausts: Prospects for STEREO
17:15 L. Kistler: STEREO B in the tail

17:35 Adjourn

19:00 Workshop Reception at the Schiffahrtsmuseum

Wednesday, March 14:

Science presentations

09:00 P. Bochsler: The Bochsler talk
09:20 R.Kallenbach: The Kallenbach talk
09:40 K. Bamert:Wave growth upstream of interplanetary shocks driven by coronal mass ejections
10:00 M .Wagner: Dust Dynamics in the Inner Heliosphere
10:15 A. Sauvaud: The Sauvaud talk

10:35 coffee break

11:00 F. Ipavich: The Ipavich talk
11:20 J. Paquette:The Paquette talk
11:40 C. Giammanco: Large time data analysis applied to sulfur: CELIAS/MTOF data
11:55 R. Karrer: Nickel isotopic composition and nickel/iron ratio in the solar wind: Results from SOHO/CELIAS/MTOF
12:10 R. Rodde: Spatial or Evolutionary Compositional Heterogeneity in ICMEs

12:25 Adjourn

Excursion to Schleswig

workshop dinner

Thursday, March 15:

Science presentations

09:00 C. Vocks: The Vocks talk
09:20 R. Marsden: The Marsden talk
09:40 A. Klassen: The Klassen talk
10:00 R. Gomez-Herrero: Recurrent CIR-accelerated particles observed by STEREO/SEPT
10:20 Rodriguez-Pacheco: Energetic Particles Measured by COSTEP During the Last Magnetic Field Polarity Reversal

10:40 coffee break

11:00 O. Malandraki: The Malandraki talk
11:20 K. Kecskemety: The Kecskemety talk
11:40 J. Kartavykh: Formation of Charge States in Impulsive SEP Events
12:00 H. Kucharek: Pickup Ions (presented by member of the UNH team)

12:20 lunch break

14:00 Heliospheric structure

14:00 L. Klein: Radio observations relevant to energetic particle acceleration and propagation in impulsive solar energetic particle events
14:20 A. Warmuth: Studying electron acceleration in solar flares with hard X-ray and radio observations
14:40 P. Dunzlaff: The Dunzlaff talk
14:55 O. Sternal: The Sternal talk

15:10 Data products

15:10 Ipavich/Bochsler: CELIAS Data products
15:25 Müller-Mellin/Gomez: SEPT data products
15:40 Ellis: PLASTIC data products
15:55 Müller-Mellin/Gomez/Klassen: COSTEP data products
16:10 Rother: Ulysses/SWICS data products
16:25 B. Heber: KET data products

16:40 coffee break

17:00 What is still needed for STEREO? How can we profit from each others experience? Discussion with Action Items and inpromptu presentations

17:45 Adjourn

Friday, March 16:

09:00 Instrument splinters

14:00 Instrument splinters

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