Heliospheric Astroparticle Physics

Work Group: Heliospheric Astroparticle Physics (Prof. Dr. B. Heber)

The decision to use a combination of the terms heliosphere and astroparticle physics was made consciously. Interdisciplinary research is vital for the extraterrestrial branch of physics. The fundamentals of microphysics as well as astrophysics make up an essential part of the basic knowledge of an extraterrestrial researcher

Current News: Kiel contributes to new radiation early warning system for astronauts

When the astronauts landed on Wednesday, they knew that they will be warned about future solar radiation outbreaks by the new early warning system. Although background radiation normally only varies on a time frame of years, a solar eruption can cause the flow of particles to multiply in a matter of minutes More ...

What is EPHIN measuring now?

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Research Fields

Sun and Heliosphere

In heliospheric physics, the region of space is examined that is dominated by the solar wind, or the plasma erupted from the sun. Find out more...

Cosmic Ray:

Astroparticle physics is involved, among other things, with the acceleration and distribution of charged high energy particles in space. Find out more...

Interaction of cosmic ray with the atmosphere:

Humans are constantly exposed to radioactive radiation which has its origins mainly in space. Find out more...