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www.ieap.uni-kiel.de/et/ag-wimmer/ | 13. 12. 2019

AG Wimmer-Schweingruber

Fahne Deutschland

Research Group Wimmer-Schweingruber

Space research in Kiel

You can find contact persons with us in the areas of cosmic radiation, solar wind research, Dosimetry in aerospace, ion source and other topics in space research

SOHO/CELIAS-STEREO/PLASTIC-SEPT-Workshop to be held in Kiel, March 13-16, 2007

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Science: The importance of extraterrestrial physics for other research fields

Scientific work and research emphasis

Abbildung 1: Population von Teilchen in der Heliosphäre
Image 1: Population of particles in the heliosphere [original size]

The department of extraterrestrial physics specializes in the understanding of different particle populations in the heliosphere and their effect of the earth and people. These populations are shown schematically in image 1 and contain the whole energy spectrum from solar wind to the high energy galactic cosmic radiation.

We examine the composition, speed distribution, energy distribution, and direction distribution, as well as the time variability of these particle populations in different regions of the heliosphere. From the data of this research, conclusions can be drawn about the sources, acceleration and transportation processes, the structure of the heliosphere, the modulation of the galactic cosmic radiation through the heliosphere, and also the shielding from the earth’s magnetic field

Furthermore, the network of instruments in space, in close orbit in the atmosphere, and on the ground is used to understand the chain of effects of large particle activity from the sun to the earth.