The Relative Abundance of Chromium and Iron in the Solar Wind

Authors: J.A. Paquette F.M. Ipavich, S.E Lasley, P. Bochsler, and P.Wurz
Reference: Submitted Solar Wind 9 Paper

Abstract: Chromium and Iron are two heavy elements in the solar wind with similar masses. The MTOF (Mass Time Of Flight) sensor of the CELIAS investigation on the SOHO spacecraft easily allows these two elements to be resolved from each other. Using the ratio of these two elements minimizes the effects of uncertainties in instrument efficiency. The first measurements of the abundance ratio are presented here. The First Ionization Potential (FIP) of Chromium is 6.76 eV, while the FIP of Iron is 7.87 eV. Since Cr and Fe have similar FIPs their ratio should not be biased by the FIP effect which is well known in different solar wind flows, and therefore the Cr/Fe ratio from the MTOF data should give a good measure of the photospheric abundance ratio. We also compare it to the meteoritic value.

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