Title: CELIAS: Charge, element and isotope analysis system for SOHO

Authors: Hovestadt, D.; Geiss, J.; Gloeckler, G.; Moebius, E.; Bochsler, P.; Gliem, F.; Ipavich, F. M.; Wilken, B.; Axford, W. I.; Balsiger, H.

Reference: In ESA, The SOHO Mission. Scientific and Technical Aspects of the Instruments p 69-74 (SEE N90-13302 04-92)

The CELIAS (charge, element, and isotope analysis system) experiment on SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) is described. It is designed to measure the mass, ionic charge and energy of the low and high speed solar wind, of suprathermal ions, and of low energy flare particles. Through analysis of the elemental and isotopic abundances, the ionic charge state and velocity distributions of ions originating in the solar atmosphere, the investigation focuses on studying the plasma processes on various temporal and spatial scales in the solar chromosphere, transition zone, and corona. CELIAS includes three mass and charge discriminating sensors based on the time-of-flight technique. These intruments provide detailed in situ diagnostics of the solar wind and of accelerated particles, which complement the optical and spectroscopic investigations of the solar atmosphere carried out by SOHO.

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