Title:Simulation of ion backscattering from rough surfaces

Authors: M. Wüst and P. Bochsler

Reference: Nucl. Instrum. Methods in Phys. Res. B 71 (1992) 314-323

A computer code was developed to simulate ion backscattering from rough surfaces. We present results of numerical simulations of 1 MeV protons backscattered from copper surfaces as a function of various surface topologies and of random surface roughness. If applied to planar surfaces, the results of our code are in good agreement with results from previously published numerical simulation codes and with results from the small-angle scattering approximation. For the application of our interest, i.e., energy analyzers for space research, we find that serrated surfaces or rough surfaces with random profiles can significantly reduce ion backscattering in comparison to flat surfaces. Finally, we compare results from a numerical simulation with data from a backscattering experiment on a spherical energy analuzer and find good agreement.

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