Title: The particle storm on July 14-15, 2000 observed with SOHO/CELIAS/(H)STOF: First results

Authors: Bamert, K., R.F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, R. Kallenbach, M. Hilchenbach, B. Klecker

Reference: EGS, Nice, France, 2001

We present first results of suprathermal particles associated with the July 14, 2000 event observed with the (Highly) Suprathermal Time Of Flight ((H)STOF) mass spectrometer onboard SOHO. An X-class flare was detected at 1024 UT by SOHO/EIT and the onset of a halo CME at 1054 UT by SOHO/LASCO. STOF measures the elemental and ionic composition of ions with suprathermal energies in the range 20--4000 keV/amu, i.\,e. from above the solar wind up to low-energy flare particle energies. We investigate the evolution of the abundance ratio Fe/CNO around the onset of the event and in association with the strong interplanetary shock on July 15 at 1420 UT. We also report on the charge-state composition of He and Fe, and the energy dependence of the mean ionic charge state of Fe in the energy per nucleon ranges 12--50 and 50--100 keV/amu during these two time periods.

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