Title: In-flight performance evaluation of a solar particle solid state detector hybrid.

Authors: L.Simeonov, B.Trandeva, M.Hilchenbach and B.Klecker.

Reference: Proc. of the 9th Conf. on contemporary problems of the solar-terrestrial influences. Sofia, 21-21.Nov. 2002, p.165-168.

The paper discusses a proposal to work out an evaluation of the in-flight performance and working potential of the SSD (solid-state-detector) hybrid of STOF sensor of CELIAS system on SOHO satellite. STOF is a particle telescope for estimation of the ionic charge states of solar suprathermal particles in the energy range of 50-4000 keV/n. The SSD hybrid is a new development in the range of solar particle detectors. The goals of the project will be achieved by combined application of scientific and technical approaches. The scientific approach considers selection, classification and analysis of solar energetic particle events, observed and recorded by STOF sensor. The technical approach considers analysis of sensor and detector tract performance incl. calibration via-ground commands and subsequent association of both approaches. The expected result of the study with regard to solar particle physics would be a quality improvement of the solar event database and statistics, combining better event selection vs. instrument calibration. The technical contribution will be a final evaluation protocol for the SSD hybrid, incl. prescriptions for improvement and applicability statement for space and Earth-based experiments.

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