Title: Monolithic multiplexing low-noise charge-sensitive readout electronics for space applications

Authors: Simeonov, L.I.

Reference: Proc. of the Nat.Conf. with Intern.Part.: ELECTRONICA`98, Botevgrad,313-317, 1998

Presented are results from laboratory performance tests of a monolithic, multichannel and multiplexing low-noise charge-sensitive electronics for the readout of solid-state detectors for particle experiments. The electronics provides signal amplification, parallel data storage and serial readout. Switched capacitor technique by multi-correlating sampling and simultaneous second-stage amplification is used for noise-reduction. Power consumption is controlled by an externally applied reference voltage, which allows an optimization of speed and noise over the power consumption for the individual needs of the particular experiment. The electronics consists of two monolithic chips, CAMEX ? CMOS Multichannel Analog Multiplexer and TIMEX ? a digital steering chip. The tests were carried out with the idea of reorganizing of the chips for the purposes of the time-of-flight particle analyzers for space applications. The tests included precise estimation of the charge-amplification per channel, linearity, readout frequency, radiation hardness, temperature stability, noise behavior, offset, crosstalk with big input teat signals ? both voltage and charge, estimation of the sampling capacitor number, etc., showed, that on the basis of the original a new modification of the chip is possible and necessary to be developed, according to the requirements of the particular space experiment.

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