Title: Comparative investigations of microchannel plates from different suppliers for the purposes of the experiment CELIAS on the SOHO space mission

Authors: Simeonov, L.I.

Reference: Proceedings of the Nat.Conf. with Intern.Part.: ELECTRONICA`98, Botevgrad, 96-101,1998.

Presented are experimental results from laboratory durability tests of microchannel plates. The tests were carried out for design purposes of the chevron detectors for registration of secondary electron emission from the carbon foil and the solid-state detector on STOF sensor of CELIAS on SOHO. The main task was to determine the function of performance stability of amplification in a long-term test. The experimental setup allow investigation of the individual performance of different regions of the microchannel plate by blinding by choice of 15 of the 4x4 pixels, while irradiating the surface with a stable Fe55 source. The duration of the test cycle was 9000 minutes. Some of the prototypes showed a considerable drop of the amplification after the first 500 minutes and stabilization at the new low level. This kind of performance indicates a clear initial degradation of the microchannel surface, which is difficult to correct via ground command in a real experiment in space. Most of the prototypes showed a satisfactory stability over the test period.

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