Title: Considerations for the design of a hybrid digital steering microcircuit for the readout electronics of space mass analyzers

Authors: Simeonov, L.I.

Reference: Proc. of the Nat.Conf. with Intern.Part.: ELECTRONICA`98, Botevgrad, 308-312,1998.

Contemporary energy and mass analyzers in space research implement a new generation of detection and readout electronics. The solid-state detector hybrid of the STOF (Suprathermal Time-Of-Flight) sensor of CELIAS (Charge, Element and Isotope Analysis System) on the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) scientific satellite is a combination of a multipixel solid-state detector and a multichannel charge-sensitive amplifier circuitry. The amplifier electronics is organized in separate chips called CAMEX and each of them is commanded by a digital timing chip, called TIMEX. This paper presents the different modes of operation of TIMEX, which were discussed and considered before the final decision for production of the chip was approved.

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