Title: Laboratory comparison tests of microchannel plates for the secondary electron detectors of the STOF energy-and-mass analyzer of CELIAS on SOHO

Authors: Simeonov, L.I.

Reference: Proc.of the 5th Nat.Conf. with Intern.Part.on Contemporary Problems of the Solar-Terrestrial Influences, Sofia, 79-81, 1998.

Presented are results of laboratory comparison tests of microchannel plates from different suppliers, carried out for the purposes of the secondary electron detectors of the sensor STOF (Suprathermal Time-Of-Flight) of CELIAS spectrometric system on SOHO. The principle criteria for the testing of microchannel plates are based on different and even contradictory goals: maximum charge, maximum current amplitude, high rise time, minimum pulse width/good pulse separation, moderate supply voltage, maximum sensitivity, spatial resolution, high count rate and long operational life. For long-term space research applications the most important quality is the long operational life and preservation of the signal amplification. The laboratory experiments showed, that these particular quality differences are possible to be outlined in a several-day life-time testing.

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