Title: Irradiance Working Group Report for the SOHO Inter-calibration Workshop, The Radiometric Calibration of SOHO

Authors: McMullin, D. R., Woods, T. N., Dammasch, I. E., Judge, D. L., Lemaire, P., Newmark, J. S., Thompson, W., Tobiska, W. K., and Wilhelm, K.

Reference: The Radiometric Calibration of SOHO (ISSI Scientific Report SR-002) (A. Pauluhn, M.C.E. Huber and R. von Steiger eds). pp. 317-325, 2002.

The aim of the Irradiance Working Group for the SOHO Inter-Calibration Workshop was to validate the SOHO Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Instrument calibrations by inter comparing full-disk irradiance results obtained with SOHO EUV instruments and, where possible, compare results with instruments external to SOHO. For many of the instruments, full-disk irradiance measurements are not the primary objective of instrument design. As such, almost all instruments required atypical observing modes in order for their data to be compared with observations from other instruments. While different instruments on SOHO provide irradiance measurements in a variety of spectral regions, comparisons were possible in overlapping wavelength bands. All comparisons are normalized to their 1 AU values. A general description of how irradiance measurements are compiled for each instrument and a summary of the comparisons are provided in this report. The irradiance measurements from SOHO are available for VUV wavelengths from 1 nm to 154.8 nm.

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