Title: Comparison of CDS irradiance with SEM and EIT measurements

Authors: W.T. Thompson, J.S. Newmark and D. R. McMullin

Reference: The Radiometric Calibration of SOHO (ISSI Scientific Report SR-002) (A. Pauluhn, M.C.E. Huber and R. von Steiger eds). pp. 211-223, 2002.

Observations of the solar irradiance have been made with the CDS Normal Incidence Spectrometer between 30.8-37.9 nm and 51.3-63.3 nm, on a semi-regular basis since March 1997. Also observed are the He ii and Si xi lines at 30.4 nm in second order. We have used these observations to estimate the signal that SEM should see on those dates. In order to fill in the wavelengths below 30 nm, a DEM curve is generated from the CDS observations. Comparisons are also made with the EIT measurements for the same dates. Both pre-accident and post-recovery data are considered.

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