Correlated C+ and O+ source near 0.2 AU

Heiner Grünwaldt, Ingrid Mann, Martin Hilchenbach, Peter Bochsler, and the CELIAS Team

Paper presented at the EGS 23rd General Assembly 20-24 April, 1998, Nice, France.

From measurements with CELIAS/CTOF on SOHO, a wide range energy spectrum could be derived for each C+ and O+ singly charged ions in the solar wind. Despite their peculiar spectral shape they have been interpreted as a pickup population characterized by their very high anisotropy. Model fits assuming weak pitch-angle scattering with large mean-free-paths refer their origin to a position close to 0.2 AU. The actual value of anisotropy that is included as one of the fit parameters controls the resulting abundances, and the resulting drift speeds to an extent this is discussed in the presentation. As a further result properties of the source are framed with reference to the correlated modulation of both species.

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