The search with CELIAS/CTOF for O5+ as a solar wind constituent.

Heiner Grünwaldt, Martin Hilchenbach, Eckhardt Marsch, Peter Bochsler, and the CELIAS Team

Paper presented at the EGS 23rd General Assembly 20-24 April, 1998, Nice, France.

The correlated measurements of the solar corona by optical and particle instruments that have been one purpose of the SOHO mission have yielded a striking conflict in the values of coronal electron and ion temperatures derived by different methods. As one possible reason deviation from local thermal equilibrium is considered. Under this assumption the otherwise not explainable formation of O5+ out to then frozen-in charge status of the solar wind might become existent. In this presentation we report of a thorough search of 5 months of data for evidence of this key ion.

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