Isotopic Composition of Solar Wind Neon Derived from Observations with CELIAS/MTOF

R. Kallenbach, F.M. Ipavich, P. Bochsler, D. Hovestadt, H. Grünwaldt, M. Hilchenbach, K.-U. Reiche, W.I. Axford, H. Balsiger, A. Bürgi, M. Coplan, A.B. Galvin, J. Geiss, F. Gliem, G. Gloeckler, M. Hilchenbach, K.C. Hsieh, D.L. Judge, B. Klecker, M.A. Lee, S. Livi, G.G. Managadze, E. Marsch, E. Möbius, M. Neugebauer, H.S. Ogawa, K.-U. Reiche, M. Scholer, M.I. Verigin, B. Wilken, and P. Wurz

Paper presented at the AGU Spring Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA, EOS (1996).

The isotopic composition of solar wind neon has previously been determined with the Apollo foil experiments, and by stepwise heating and closed etching analysis of lunar soils. We report the first in situ determinations with the MTOF sensor of the CELIAS experiment package on SOHO. A preliminary evaluation of the 20Ne/22Ne ratio gives a result which is consistent with earlier solar wind measurements.

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