First Measurements of Sulfur Isotopes in the Solar Wind

A.B. Galvin , F.M. Ipavich, J. Paquette, R. Kallenbach, B. Klecker, and P. Wurz

Paper presented at Solar Wind 9, October 5-9, 1998, White Elephant Resort, Nantucket, MA, USA

We present the first measurements of sulfur isotope ratios (Sulfur-32, Sulfur-33, Sulfur-34) in the solar wind using data from the Charge, Element, Isotope Analysis System (CELIAS) experiment on the SOHO spacecraft. The CELIAS Mass Time-of-Flight (MTOF) sensor is a high resolution mass spectometer designed to make both elemental and isotopic observations of the solar wind. The CELIAS Proton Monitor (PM) provides simultaneous information on solar wind conditions (speed, density, thermal velocity). Our sulfur results to date indicate solar wind sulfur isotope ratios similar to meteoritic values.

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