Iron freeze-in temperatures measured by SOHO/CELIAS/CTOF

Aellig, M. R. ; Grünwaldt, H. ; Bochsler, P. ; Wurz, P. ; Hefti, S. ; Kallenbach, R. ; Ipavich, F. M. ; Axford, W. I. ; Balsiger, H. ; Bürgi, A. ; Coplan, M. A. ; Galvin, A. B. ; Geiss, J. ; Gliem, F. ; Gloeckler, G. ; Hilchenbach, M. ; Hovestadt, D. ; Hsieh, K. C. ; Klecker, B. ; Lee, M. A. ; Livi, S. ; Mánagadze, G. G. ; Marsch, E. ; Möbius, E. ; Neugebauer, M. ; Reiche, K.-U. ; Scholer, M. ; Verigin, M. I. ; Wilken, B.

J. Geophys. Res. -Space Physics- Vol. 103 , No. A8 , p. 17,215 (98JA00588)

The CELIAS particle experiment on SOHO contains the Charge Time Of Flight (CTOF) mass spectrometer which measures the ionic and elemental composition of minor ions in the solar wind. In this paper we present iron freeze-in temperatures derived with a time resolution of 5 min. They indicate that some of the filamentary structures of the inner corona observed in H alpha survive in the interplanetary medium as far as 1 AU.

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