Initial Results from the Solar EUV Monitor Aboard SOHO

Authors: Judge, D.L., D.R. McMullin, H.S. Ogawa, D. Hovestadt, M. Hilchenbach, E. Moebius, L.R. Canfield, R. Watts, M. Khne, and P. Wurz
Reference: AGU Spring 1996 Meeting May 20-24 Baltimore Maryland, USA Paper no. SH32A-03: Poster

Absolute solar EUV irradiance measurements in an 80 A band centered about the solar He II 304 A emission and the irradiance within the aluminum band-pass have been obtained with a transmission grating spectrometer aboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite launched December 2, 1995. The data from the Solar EUV Monitor (SEM) provide the flux required to determine the photoionization rate of in-flowing interstellar He. This ionized He is the primary source of the He pick-up ions which are carried out to the solar wind termination shock where they are accelerated becoming the anomalous cosmic rays. The first SOHO/SEM observations will be presented.

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