First year solar EUV irradiance from SOHO by the CELIAS/SEM

Authors: H. S. Ogawa, D. L. Judge, D. R. McMullin, P. Gangopadhyay, A. B. Galvin
Reference: EGS XXII GENERAL ASSEMBLY Vienna, 21-25 APRIL 1997 Session ST5: Poster

The CELIAS/SEM photodiode spectrometer aboard SOHO continuously monitors the full-disk EUV solar irradiance in an 8 nm wavelength band centered at 30.4 nm (first-order), and in a broad wavelength band between 0.1 and 77 nm (central- order). We present the absolute solar EUV irradiances for the 1996 solar EUV minimum year. The CELIAS/SEM instrument is highly stable and presently provides the most accurate and precise continuous

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