New Observations of Long-Term Solar Soft X-Ray and EUV Fluxes from SOHO CELIAS/SEM Instrument

Authors: P. Gangopadhyay, H.S. Ogawa, D.R. McMullin, D.L. Judge, F. Ipavich, A.B. Galvin and M. Hilchenbach
Reference: Draft to be submitted to the Journal Geophysical Research, 1999

A new technique to extract solar soft X-rays (1 - 100 A) and EUV (100 - 500 A) fluxes from the SOHO CELIAS/SEM solar flux data is presented. The solar XUV and EUV fluxes in the 1996 - 1999 period are also presented. The XUV fluxes are found to have increased by a factor of eight in this period. The EUV flux increase is a more moderate 60%.

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