In the new millenium, the research interests of the Plasma Dynamics Group have been focused on complex (dusty) plasmas. Our experimental investigations were made in various laboratory setups and under microgravity aboard parabolic flights. The generous funding of dusty plasma research by DFG within the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TR-24 Greifswald-Kiel (2005-2017) and by DLR (2003-2016) is gratefully acknowledged.

With the retirement of Prof. Piel in 2017, the experimental research on complex plasmas under microgravity is now being continued by our long-time collaborators at Greifswald University in Prof. Melzer's group. At Kiel University, laboratory research on complex plasmas is now part of the activities of Prof. Benedict's group. Prof. Piel has focused his interests on the simulation of complex plasmas with fast molecular dynamics codes. Besides, he continues to publish textbooks and popularizations of physics history.

Research Interests

  • Complex (dusty) plasma

  • Microgravity

  • Computer simulation

  • Publications

  • Journal articles
  • Plasma Physics, An Introduction to Laboratory, Space and Fusion Plasmas, Springer, 1st edition. Errata list for 1st edition
  • Plasma Physics, An Introduction to Laboratory,Space and Fusion Plasmas, Springer, 2nd edition
  • Waves in Plasmas, in: Plasma Physics, Eds.: A. Dinklage et al,
    Springer LNP670
  • Resonance cone probe, in: An Introduction to Space Instrumentation,
    Eds.: K. Oyama and C.Z. Cheng, Terrapub, (free download)
  • Supervised PhD theses
  • Outreach

  • Vorträge SH-UG
  • 300 Jahre Physik und Astronomie

    How web teaching started ...

  • Physik I + II (1998/99)
  • Elektronik für Physiker (2001/02)
  • Physik III (WS2002/03)

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