Dynamics of magnetized
complex plasmas
Order phenomena
in dusty plasmas
Complex plasmas
under microgravity
Structure formation
in drift wave turbulence

Our research interests are focused on collective dynamic phenomena in plasmas, such as waves, instabilities, chaos and turbulence. A central object of our studies are plasmas that contain additional micron-sized particles, so-called dusty or complex plasmas. Investigations on complex plasmas are made in laboratory experiments and under microgravity aboard parabolic flights. Since dynamic phenomena in complex plasmas involve frequencies below 100 Hz, we can observe waves or particle motion by recording movies with fast digital cameras. The microparticles are manipulated by using the radiation pressure of a medium-power laser. Various recording techniques are used, among them video microscopy and digital holography. Our investigations are embedded in the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre Greifswald-Kiel SFB TR-24 "Fundamentals of Complex Plasmas"


  • TR-24 A2
    Dynamics of magnetized complex plasmas
  • TR-24 A3b
    Order phenomena in dusty plasmas
  • DLR 50WM1139
    Nonlinear Waves in Dusty Plasmas under Microgravity

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