title : Dr.
name : Jochim Stettner
address : Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik (IEAP), Leibnizstraße 19, 24098 Kiel
e-mail :
phone : +49(0)431 880 3858
fax : +49(0)431 880 1685
current research projects: metal/electrolyte interfaces: electrodeposition processes
photoswitchable organic molecules on metal surfaces
conductive polymer layers
thin layer systems
laboratories: X-ray lab I: liquid surface reflectometry
X-ray lab II: high resolution diffraction
radiation protection officer IEAP: domains: solid state physics, practical courses
("Strahlenschutzbeauftragter") employees of IEAP at external facilities
teaching activities / Lehre

Further information

previous research projects:

structrual characterization of buried ultrathin CoSi2-layers in Si: correlated interface roughness and crystalline properties
conformal roughness of graded X-ray multilayers
SiGe nanostructures and multilayers: surface and interface characterization
glass transitions at polymer surfaces
metal/polymer interfaces: structural changes near the glass transition
layered chalcogenides: charge density wave phase transition at the surface
structure of adsorbed hydrocarbon monolayers on graphite

J. Stettner, 10/2007