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Practical information Sehlendorf seminar 2007



Diploma students frei
PhD students (1/2 position) 30 €
Full position 60 €
Professors 85 €
This fee covers the full cost of food (excluding drinks in the restaurant on Thursday) and accommodation for the three days. This year, there is no financial support from the institute's travel budget possible, thus the groups should find individual solutions.

Information for speakers

For your presentation, you may use an overhead projector or a laptop connected to a beamer. We will provide a Windows XP laptop running Powerpoint, OpenOffice and Acrobat, so the easiest would be if you just brought your presentation on a memory stick or on a CD.

Thanks again to all who submitted titles. When preparing your talk please remember that your audience will be mostly other physics PhD students who will have little detailed knowledge of your area. Therefore, you need to give a general introduction to your topic. Please check the programme to see if there will be an over view talk introducing your theme. Generally speakers will not present results from their own work but will give overview talks on a theme that interests them, topics may be closely related to their work. The workshop will be held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so please do not be afraid to present new concepts or ideas.

Further Information

We have reserved two university cars (minibus and estate) for the three days. If you require transport from and to Sehlendorf, please let us know as space is limited.

If you have any special dietary request (e.g. vegetarian) please inform us.

Strandstrasse 19
24327 Sehlendorf